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It is the purpose of this website to inform you about my book entitled “The Seagull Who Was Afraid To Fly.” The story is a delightful and endearing children's tale. Dusty, the newly hatched seagull is afraid of heights and is therefore afraid of flying. This is a terrible predicament for any bird to be in. Fortunately, Dusty the seagull, has a loving family and many good friends who are willing to help him through any situation. Though embarrassed at his plight, Dusty must learn to interact and trust his friends just as children must learn to do. Exciting adventures and lovable characters are woven through the story. We learn that with each new experience, Dusty gains a little bit more faith in himself as well as in his friends.

As I researched “acrophobia,” the fear of heights, I tried to gain as much knowledge on the subject as possible. I learned that many people suffer from this affliction. For this reason, I added a page to this web site to help educate people about this very natural fear. I receive many emails from people who share their experiences with me. Many people really identify with Dusty, the main character of my book. Click the “Acrophobia” button above to learn more about acrophobia.

I also have a page with information about seagulls that live in or visit North America. Seagulls are fascinating birds to watch and observe. I had no idea that there were so many different species of seagulls in existence. I gathered together as much information as I could find and put it together in a logical order. The pictures and descriptions will give you a new admiration for these interesting birds. Click the “Seagull Facts” button above to learn more about seagulls. At the top of the seagull page is a news feed from the American Bird Conservancy. Be sure sure to check it daily to see what is in the news about birds.

One problem that many writers (including myself) have, is a good working knowledge of the rules of grammar. It has been many years since my university days and it is surprising how many of the grammar rules I had forgotten. For example, do you remember what a Dangling Participle is? I couldn't remember either. As I reeducated myself, I added pages to my website in order to help other writers who also had forgotten the “rules.” Feel free to browse through the grammar pages and refresh your memory on the various aspects of the English language. Click the “Grammar Tips” button above to learn more about grammar.

Click the “Sitemap” button above to navigate the site and for a description of each section.

I also need to tell you about the fun and games section. Click the “Kids Page” button above to play some educational games.

There is also section entitled “Christian Articles.” These are articles I have written that are Biblically based, and Christian oriented. The articles range from Bible studies to devotionals. If you would like to learn more about the Bible, click the Christian Articles link above.

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